WCO National Workshop on Risk Management for Vietnam Customs


WCO National Workshop on Risk Management for Vietnam Customs

Reported by Ms. Rieko Shikimachi
WCO Accredited Expert on Risk Management
Senior Intelligence Analyst, 
Customs Intelligence and Targeting Office, Moji Customs, 
Government of Japan

WCO organized the National Workshop on Risk Management at the Headquarters of the General Department of Vietnam Customs (GDVC), Hanoi, Vietnam, from 24 to 28 November 2014.

The main objective of this workshop was to assist GDVC in strengthening the existing Risk Management practices by focusing on cargo/passenger selectivity, intelligence support and compliance management.

The Workshop was led by three Risk Management experts; Mr. Oguz Onal, Program Manager of Intelligence and Risk Management Compliance and Facilitation Directorate of the WCO (Mission Leader), Mr. Takahiro Takahashi, WCO accredited expert on Risk Management from Japan Customs, and me.

This was the first workshop for me to take part in as one of the facilitators after I was accredited. It was an honor for me to share my knowledge of Risk Management, Intelligence Management and also best practices of Japan Customs. During the workshop, I also learned many things from participants. Moreover, directly receiving valuable comments from the participants motivated me to be a better professional expert. I believe that this experience has been very precious and will broaden my international horizons as a Customs officer.

A total of 50 officials of GDVC attended the Workshop. They actively participated in the Workshop and raised questions during the series of lectures in order to deepen their knowledge. Moreover, a series of group discussions helped participants to cultivate their better understandings through exchanging their views and opinions and also sharing their professional experience. As a result, they received many practical ideas to maximize the benefits of their newly-introduced Automated Clearance System and ICT Risk Assessment System, called V-NACCS and V-CIS, respectively.

I am going to keep in touch with them to learn together and I would appreciate it if I could have more opportunities to be involved in the capacity building activities for the region.

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