ROCBs/RTCs/Vice Chairs Meeting held in Brussels



19 February 2015, Brussels, Belgium

The 10thROCBs/RTCs/Vice Chairs Meeting was held on 19-20 February 2015 at the WCO Headquarters in Brussels. The ROCB A/P attended the Meeting and actively participated in the deliberation. The Meeting discussed a series of important topics, such as: the overall WCO strategy and supporting mechanism to maintain and enhance expertise of accredited experts; the Center of Excellence function of the RTCs; effective technical assistance needs assessment; and the regional training evaluation proposals.  In the course of the Meeting, there was informal meetings for each region, where the ROCB A/P and RTCs discussed possible ways to have the RTCs’ active involvement in the delivery of the regional capacity building program delivery and other relevant issues.  

On this occasion, the ROCB A/P staff members paid a courtesy visit to the WCO Secretary General, Dr. Kunio Mikuriya, to express their appreciation to the Secretariat’s unsparing support and the Regional Development Manger’s close communication and guidance. Dr. Mikuriya commended the ROCB A/P’s undertakings in coordinating the capacity building activities in the region. He also complimented staff members that are leavingsoon, namely Mr. James WONG and Seung Kyoo LEE, for theirdedication and contribution to the regional Capacity building activities during their tenure at the ROCB A/P.

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