The WCO Asia Pacific Regional Workshop on Intelligence Management



10 - 13 February 2015, Hong Kong, China


The Asia Pacific Regional Office for Capacity Building (ROCB A/P), in cooperation with the WCO and Hong Kong Customs, organized the WCO Asia Pacific Regional Workshop on Intelligence Management in the Regional Training Center in Hong Kong, China from 10 to 13 February 2015 under the sponsorship of Customs Cooperation Fund/Japan.     

A total of 37 participants from 27 countries took part in the Workshop which was led by experts in Risk Management and Intelligence Management from the WCO, Japan Customs and Sri Lanka Customs. Through the Workshop and its syndicate group assignments, participants shared knowledge and good practices onhow to tackle and manage risks.  They were also introduced to methodologies and techniques which can be used to produce intelligence. Such invaluable know-how is included in the WCO Customs Risk Management Compendium.

The Workshop was very successful. Participants were actively involved in the workshop and gained a deeper understanding of the fact that risk management was a key to the overall reconciliation of the requirements of enforcement, security and facilitation. Intelligence, in turn, is a key component of risk management. It is primarily by Customs decision-makers at all levels to support their decision-making, including at the strategic, tactical or operational levels.

Finally, all participants indicated that they would pass what they had learned onto their home Customs administrations. They all appreciated the hard work and contributions made by WCO, ROCB A/P and Hong Kong Customs.

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