Farewell Message from Mr. S. K. Lee



18 March 2015, Bangkok, Thailand

Now I think it's about time I have to say good-bye to all of you. 
Good-bye is a good thing, if not it would be said bad-bye or sorrow-bye. 
So I'd love to say good-bye to you or hear from you good-bye too. 
But I suppose there would be several requirements if we can say good-bye to each other when we leave. 

First, my working at the ROCB A/P and my staying in Thailand need to be happy or joyful. In this regard I can say that I have spent really the happiest and valuable time in Thailand in my life. It was my first time abroad but I had a lot of chance to travel many places in and out of Thailand such as Ko Samui, Chiangmai and Angkor Wat. If I hadn't stationed in Thailand, I couldn't have this experience. I was also very happy because of so kind Thai people, amazing Thai culture and delicious Thai foods.

The second requirement is the successful completion of my mission. I can also say that I did more than I was expected, of course because of our colleagues’ support.
I’m sure the CCF Korea has found an important role in A/P region for our member Customs administration’s Capacity Building activities.

Last but not least requirement is the assurance of our meeting again. That means if we can’t meet again, we can’t call this parting a good-bye. One of ancient Korean poet said that we are anxious about going to leave when we meet each other vice versa we believe we will meet again when we leave. Like Richard Bach said “Don't be dismayed by good-byes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends.”
So good-bye till we meet again. 

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