ROCBA/P Promotes WCO Tools for Paperless Trade



31 March 2015, Bangkok, Thailand


At the invitation by the UNESCAP, Mr. Kazunari Igarashi and Ms. Alpha Wong of the ROCP A/P participated and contributed to the Capacity Building Workshop on Cross-Border Paperless Trade Facilitation: Challenges and Issues for Enabling Environment, which was held on 31 March 2015 at the UN Convention Center in Bangkok, Thailand. Some 45 government representatives, including some Customs officials, from 24 Member States of the UNESCAP participated in this Workshop.

This Workshop was organized to precede the First Meeting of the Interim Intergovernmental Steering Group on Cross-border Paperless Trade Facilitation, which was convened on 1 and 2 April 2015. The workshop’s purpose was to facilitate the discussion at the Steering Group Meeting by providing snapshots on the key principles for enabling cross-border paperless trade from the perspectives of legal, technical and implementation thereof. The participants discussed pertinent challenges and the possible way forward at the respective breakout group discussion sessions. Mr. Igarashi participated in the panel discussion at the plenary session on the actions for enabling cross-border paperless trade, along with the chairs of the respective breakout groups.  Mr. Igarashi, introduced the WCO tools and programs for trade facilitation, such as WCO Single Window Guidelines and WCO Data Model. He also provided a briefing on the continued collaboration with relevant Development Partners, including UNESCAP, towards assistance for the implementation of the WTO’s Trade Facilitation Agreement.  

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