ROCB A/P and RILO A/P Seek Synergy in Technical Assistance Programs


18 August 2015, Bangkok, Thailand

On 18 August 2015, Mr. LeeChul-hun, Deputy Head of RILO A/P, and Mr. Wang Liang, Intelligence Analyst, visited the ROCB A/P to discuss ways to collaborate and seek synergy in the capacity building programs to be delivered in 2015/2016. 


This was Mr. Lee’s first visit to the ROCB A/P in the capacity of his newly assigned Deputy Head of RILO A/P.  Mr Lee and Mr Wang were warmly welcomed by Mr. Kazunari Igarashi, (Head of the ROCB A/P), Mr. Cheng Jing and Ms. Alpha Wong.  Mr. Igarashi provided a briefing on the ROCB A/P’s Annual Work Plan for 2015/2016, which has been based on the annual needs survey conducted jointly with Japan Customs earlier this year.  (Approved Annual Work Plan for 2015/2016 is made available on the ROCB A/P’s website at

The ROCB A/P and RILO A/P have agreed to maintain close cooperation  to enrich the context of the planned regional and national workshops, especially those related to enforcement and intelligence functions, for the sake of the regional Members’ interest and needs.



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