ROCB A/P promotes WCO Economic Competitiveness Package to ASEM Eurasia Symposium

 ROCB A/P promotes WCO Economic Competitiveness Package to ASEM Eurasia Symposium

10 September 2015, Seoul, Korea

Mr. Kazunari Igarashi, Head of the ROCB A/P, attended the ASEM Symposium on Eurasia Transport and Logistics Network, which was held on 10 September 2015 in Seoul, Korea.  Approximately 500 delegates, including Transport Ministers/Vice Ministers and Ambassadors of ASEM member countries, attended this Symposium.  Mr. Igarashi, as WCO representative, joined a Panel Session on “Seamless Transport Network in Eurasia: Maritime Transport” and spoke about the WCO’s missions and on-going initiatives in facilitating trade through development of pertinent tools and guidelines and provision of technical assistance.  Among other things, he highlighted the contents and expected effects of the Economic Competitiveness Package (ECP), which participating countries in the Eurasian Network may adopt and refer in the course of designing harmonized and simplified common border-crossing procedures on every mode of transport while assuring supply chain security.



This high-level Symposium was organized to discuss the social and economic potentials to reinvigorate a momentum to establish multi-modal transport and network corridor between Asia and Europe, which was proposed by Korean President Park Geun-hye at the ASEM Summit Meeting in October 2014.  Against this background, President Park herself attended the Opening Session and delivered welcome remarks.  In the remarks, President Park stressed the potential of the economic and social development alongside this continent-wide corridor, and made proposals which the participating countries need to tackle jointly.  In this regard, President Park touched upon the imperative need to get rid of regulatory barriers through simplify and harmonize Customs and other border crossing procedures.  With a view to discussing and taking remedies to a number of challenges and bottlenecks, which she referred in her remarks including Customs clearance simplification and harmonization, President Park proposed establishing an Expert Group and expressed her government’s readiness to host its first meeting in spring next year.  In the wake of President Park’s remarks and photo session, there were Keynote Speeches and the Ministerial Session and Ministers/Vice Ministers in charge of Transport from 19 countries delivered their remarks and reaffirmed their support and commitment to the Eurasian Transport and Logistics Network project.  

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