Customs and Business Cooperation to contend with IPR Infringing


Customs and Business Cooperation to contend with IPR Infringing

21-23 September 2015,Melaka, Malaysia

WCO, in cooperation with the ROCB A/P, RILO A/P and Royal Malaysian Customs Department, organized the Regional IPR Train-the-Trainer Workshop for the Joint Enforcement Action against Counterfeiting and Piracy in the Asia/Pacific Region on 21-23 September 2015 in the Akadimi Kastam Diraja Malaysia (AKMAL), in Melaka, Malaysia, under the financial support of Customs Cooperation Fund of Japan (CCF/Japan).  A total of 26 participants from the 23 Member Customs administrations participated in this Workshop.  Mr. Kang-sik Cho attended this Regional Workshop as a resource person, along with other resource persons from the WCO Secretariat, RILO A/P and Japan Customs.


Participants had good opportunities to get practical knowledge i. e. risk-based targeting for effective IPR border enforcement, Information sharing among Member administrations and cooperation with Right Holders.  Representatives from 8 private companies made presentations on how to identify the products and keep close contact with each other.



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