ROCB A/P supports the First Regional Seminar on COPES

ROCB A/P supports the First Regional Seminar on COPES

22-24 September 2015, Hong Kong, China

The WCO and Hong Kong Customs jointly organized the WCO Regional Seminar on COPES (Compendium of Customs Operational Practices for Enforcement and Seizures) at the Regional Training Center, Hong Kong, China, from 22 to 24 September 2015.  As the first regional seminar under the COPES Project, the ROCB A/P fully supported the WCO’s initiative by sending Ms. Alpha WONG to assist logistics arrangement and facilitate the Seminar.

A total of 32 participants from 15 Customs administrations in the A/P region took part in the Seminar, which was led by criminal investigation experts from the WCO.  Through the lectures and syndicate group exercises, Seminar participants were introduced the methodologies and techniques in handling intelligence and seizure properly with a view to increasing the quality of prosecution.  Such invaluable know-how had been included in the COPES as well as the WCO Customs Risk Management Compendium.  It is also expected that COPES Seminar complements Customs capacity building aspect of the Customs Anti-Drug Strategy initiated by Hong Kong Customs.  


The Workshop was very successful with participants’ active involvement.  They all appreciated the hard work and contributions made by the WCO, the ROCB A/P and Hong Kong Customs.   


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