ROCB A/P Attends the Exit Conference on Time Release Study (TRS) for Thailand

29 October 2015, Bangkok, Thailand


At the invitation of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Thai Customs Department (TCD), Ms. Pariyabhat Ariyapongkoson, Program Coordinator of the ROCB A/P, attended the Exit Conference on the Time Release Study (TRS) for Thailand held on 29 October 2015 in Bangkok, Thailand, as an observer.  Approximately 70 persons, including representatives from the other Thai government authorities and the private sectors, attended the Conference.  


At the Conference, the TRS Working Team from the TCD reported to the Conference on the methodologies for the TRS conducted in 2014, as well as major findings and recommendations.  Participants also discussed future TRS and the TCD’s recent implementation of the international standards, such as WCO RKC and WTO TFA, which will further improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the trade facilitation initiatives undertaken by the TCD.


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