ROCB A/P promotes new IPM to Right Holders and Customs


26-27 November 2015, Manila, Philippines

At the invitation of the IPR Business Partnership, Ms. Alpha Wong of ROCB A/P participated and contributed to the 2015 National Workshop on Counterfeiting, Piracy and Border Measures, which was held on 26-27 November 2015 in Manila, the Philippines. Approximately 60 persons from Customs, Police and other law enforcement agencies of the Philippines participated in this Workshop. Representatives from UNODC, ROCB A/P, and right holders from various industries joined the Workshop as speakers.


This Workshop was jointly organized by the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines and the IPR Business Partnership. The main objective was enhancing the capacity of the frontline officers of the Philippines in identifying counterfeited goods. Representatives of 20 right holders made presentations on their product features, raid actions and views on counterfeit trends in the Philippines and the A/P region. 


On behalf of WCO and ROCB A/P, Ms. Wong made a presentation on WCO’s IPR strategy and its anti-counterfeiting tool – Interface Public Member (IPM). She briefed the new interface of IPM which was launched in September 2015. The IPM web interface and IPM mobile application were re-designed to make it more user-friendly with barcode scanning and help Customs officers to access actionable information efficiently. She highlighted to right holders that this innovative tool is a platform to facilitate their information exchange with Customs and encouraged them to join IPM with a view to cooperating with Customs in fight against counterfeiting and piracy.



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