KCS CBCTI Faculty Director visits the ROCB A/P


2 December 2015, Bangkok, Thailand

Delegation from the Korea Customs Service Customs Border Control and Training Institution (CBCTI), led by Mr. Lee Beumju, Faculty Director of the CBCTI, and Mr. Sung Wonsik, Professor of the CBCTI, visited the ROCB A/P to explore the way to further promote the existing close cooperation between the ROCB A/P and the CBCTI, which is one of the WCO A/P Regional Training Centers.


Mr. Kazunari Igarashi, Head of the ROCB A/P, and all the staffs in ROCB A/P warmly welcomed these special visitors. Mr. Cho Kangsik, the CCF/Korea Operation Manager, made a detailed presentation on the roles and activities of the WCO and the ROCB A/P. During the discussion, CBCTI colleagues showed a keen interest in the regional capacity building strategy, especially the pooling and use of the WCO accredited experts (ACEs), and reaffirmed its willingness to strengthen cooperation with the ROCB A/P.  After the discussions, CBCTI colleagues were invited to water so-called the “ROCB Trees”, which were planted in commemoration of the ROCB A/P’s 10th anniversary and symbolizes the region’s growing cooperation in capacity building activities.



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