ROCB A/P Renews Collaboration with APPU for Air Cargo Security



7 January 2016


Mr. Lin Hongliang, Director of the Asian-Pacific Postal Union (APPU), and Mr. Anucha Soonglertsongpha, Course Director of the APPU, visited the ROCB A/P for the New Year’s greeting and renewal of collaboration with the Customs in the Asia/Pacific region.  Mr. Kazunari Igarashi, Head of the ROCB A/P and other colleagues warmed welcome them.  On this occasion, Mr. Igarashi gave a brief on the progress of the work undertaken by the WCO and its partner organization, including draft text on the Pre-loading Advance Cargo Information, which are to be incorporated in the SAFE FoS 2015, as the postal operator will be required to submit pertinent data for security screening purpose.  He also explain the WCO-ICAO Joint Training Module and draft program for the forth-coming Regional Workshop on Air Cargo Security and Facilitation to be held in the end of April 2015, in which the APPU will be invited to take part as an observer.  Mr. Lin and Mr. Igarashi share the view that Customs and Postal operators need to deepen mutual understanding on the respective important roles in securing air cargo supply chain and need for mutual assistance in capacity building to support full implementation of the standards set forth in the SAFE FoS in the A/P region.


Please also see the other articles on “ROCB A/P Visits the Asia-Pacific Postal Union to Discuss Future Collaboration (28 October 2014)” and “Promoting Customs-Post Collaboration in Postal Supply Chain Security (22 October 2014)” under the “Workshops/Meetings.”


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