WCO Regional Workshop on Revenue Package and Advance Ruling


WCO Regional Workshop on Revenue Package and Advance Ruling was conducted on 25 – 29 January 2016 at the Royal Malaysian Customs Academy (AKMAL) in Melaka, Malaysia, under the sponsorship of CCF/Japan, and in cooperation with the ROCB A/P and Royal Malaysian Customs Department (RMCD).  A total of 27 representatives from 23 Member administrations participated in this regional Customs training program.  In addition, 5 resource persons from the WCO Secretariat, the ROCB A/P, Indonesia and Japan took part in the Workshop as well.


Overall objectives of this Regional Workshop include, among other things, raising awareness of the WCO Revenue Package, especially recently developed tools with specific focus on advance rulings.  In the course of the Workshop, participants shared their experiences and challenges in providing advance ruling on Customs classification, valuation and origin.  In the wake of the introduction of the WCO Technical Guidelines on Customs Infrastructure for Tariff Classification, valuation and Origin, Workshop participants had a day-long break-out exercise on WCO Diagnostic Tool with guidance of the resource persons.  Findings of the Break-out exercise were reported for the Plenary Sessions.  Facilitator of the Session summarized the discussion points, and highlighted the mutually complementary relation and importance among 4 core issues, namely human resources; legal and procedures for advance ruling and management of 3 areas; partnership with relevant departments and other government agencies; and information technology, as key elements for assuring trade facilitation.


Mr. Kazunari Igarashi, Head of the ROCB A/P, facilitated the Workshop and made a presentation on the ROCBA/P’s undertaking and regional capacity building arrangement mechanism.  Given that the WCO’s technical assistance are demand-driven, he underlined the need for their administrations’ replies to the Annual Technical Assistance Needs Survey being conducted jointly with Japan Customs, so that their needs and priorities, including those which could be identified through more comprehensive diagnostic exercise, may be duly reflected in the next year’s capacity building program planning.  He stressed the need for institutionalizing lessons learned through appropriate and effective follow-up actions.  In this respect, he drew participants’ attention to the ROCB A/P’s initiatives in conducting the Regional Workshop Follow-Up Survey to take a snapshot of the ramifications of the lessons-learned from the workshops to the institutional performance improvement. 


For more information, please write to us at rocb@rocbap.org.  Please also visit the WCO website at http://www.wcoomd.org/en/media/newsroom/2016/january/malaysia-hosts-the-first-wco-ap-regional-workshop-on-revenue-package-and-advance-rulings.aspx about this Regional Workshop.





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