Fare well to Ms. Manita Sreeta or Khun "Pleng"



 15 October 2015, Bangkok, Thailand




Ms. Manita Sreeta or Khun “Pleng”, a Program Coordinator, who had been temporarily dispatched to the Thai Customs Academy from 15 July 2015 for 3-month term to assist conducting nation-wide Customs training programs towards the implementation of the ASEAN Economic Community Blue Print actions, has been formally transferred back to the Thai Customs Academy.   She was seconded to the ROCB A/P in July 2014 to succeed Ms. Chamkrom.  Ms. Manita assisted coordination and participated in couples of capacity building programs along with other Program Managers.  ROCB A/P appreciates her contribution and dedication to its undertakings, and wish her continued good job at the Thai Customs Academy.  

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