A/P shares the region’s good practices with other WCO regions

7-8 April 2016 in Brussels, Belgium


The 11th Global Meeting of the Heads of the ROCBs and RTCs and Vice Chairs’ Offices was convened on 7-8 April 2016 at the WCO Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, the meeting aimed at further empowering the regional structures to deliver their mission and fulfil their important roles.  Mr. Kazunari Igarashi, Mr. Takayuki Miyoshi and Mr. Cho Kangsik of the ROCB A/P attended the 2-day event, along with the representatives from the RTC Malaysia, Japan and India.  The Meeting discussed, among the other things, the WCO’s policy on experts accreditation and mobilization policy, development of best practice guidance of ROCBs and RTCs, Regional Training Evaluation Package, and the way to foster core competence for sustainable capacity building environment. 

At the Meeting, in addition to active participation in the discussion on series of important agenda items, the ROCB A/P representatives made commitments to share its initiatives and the region’s good practices.  Mr. Igarashi, Head of the ROCB A/P, made a presentation on the findings from the A/P region’s test run of the WCO’s draft Regional Training Evaluation Package and the agreed way forward.  He also introduced ROCB A/P’s Good Practice Report on the Exemplifying Follow-Up Actions after the Regional Workshops in 2014/15, which was published in February 2016. 

Mr. Miyoshi, Program Manager, made a presentation on the outline, characteristics, tangible outcomes, impacts and lessons learned of the WCO-ADB Multi-year Project, which commenced from July 2013 to end June 2016. Mr. Miyoshi highlighted the needs for the clear identification on the countries’ needs and situation, strategic coordination and collaboration with stakeholders ensuring competent and adequate human resource and sound working environment for the project implementation. 

Mr. Igarashi and Mr. Cho also attended the 7th Session of the WCO Capacity Building Committee held on 11-13 April 2016 at the WCO Headquarters with the theme of “Future of Customs – Capacity Building for Sustainability.”
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