ROCB A/P supports Thai Customs’ human resource development initiative


 14 June 2016, Bangkok, Thailand


At the request of Mr. Vichak Apirugnunchai, Deputy Director General (DDG) of the Thai Customs Department (TCD), Mr. Kazunari Igarashi, Head of the ROCB A/P, and Ms. Alpha Wong, joined the selection process for so-called “STAR Project” which is led by Mr. Vichak to identify Thai Customs officers with potential and to broaden their future carrier paths.  40 selected candidates were interviewed and evaluated for their English communication skills and positive working attitudes.  ROCB A/P is pleased to have such an opportunity to contribute to this part of the Program and welcomes the DDG’s human resource development initiative, which is in line with the WCO’s professional career development concept.  ROCB A/P wishes all the best for the future STARs.

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