ROCB A/P participates in the ASEM Eurasia Expert Group Meeting


11-13 July 2016, Seoul, Korea



Ms. Alpha WONG of the ROCB A/P, as a WCO representative, attended the ASEM Eurasia Expert Group Meeting on Transport and Logistics, which was held on 11-13 July 2016 in Seoul, Korea.  Approximately 400 delegates, including government officials from ASEM member countries and Eurasian countries, representatives from international organizations, institutions, industries and academia in the areas of transport and logistics, participated in this Meeting.


This Expert Group Meeting was proposed by President of Korea at the last year’s ASEM Symposium on Transport and Logistics Network held in Seoul, Korea (please refer to the ROCB A/P’s homepage at  It aimed to provide a platform for the delegates to discuss the establishment of multi-modal transport and logistics network between Asia, in particular starting from Korea, via China, Russia and connecting to Europe.  At the opening ceremony, Mr. Kang Hoin, Minister, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and transport of Korea delivered a key note address and stressed the economic benefits on the integrated transport networks for connecting Asia and Europe, in particular by railway and road.  During the Meeting, speakers raised the awareness on multilateral cooperation and harmonized Customs standards for seamless cargo and passenger flow.  In this regard, WCO’s SAFE Framework of Standard was referred and duly recognized as one of the key guidelines and tools to be taken into account for their future design of the integrated transport network with assurance of facilitating trade and securing supply chain. 


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