Welcome Mr. Tong Hua, our new colleaque

Sawadi krap,


I am Tong hua from China Customs. I am so glad to join in the prestigious WCO ROCB A/P team. Many thanks to the welcome and help of my dear colleagues and Thai Customs staff. From my point of view, lots of the successful projects and workshops carried by previous leaders, organizers and contributors make ROCB A/P developed as a key capacity building platform in this region. In this regards, I am standing on the Shoulders of Giants.


Please allow me to introduce myself briefly. I hold a PhD of Pedagogy (International Education Relations). For my customs career, I worked as Director of General Theory Department (Acting) in China Customs Research Center (Dec 2011-Dec 2013), main research area covers the Capacity building, Customs higher education, the development of international Customs organizations and the development strategy of national Customs. I worked for RTC-China, Shanghai Customs College nearly 10 years, I am responsible for the establishment and enhancement of international exchange relations with Key players all over the world, and deeply involved in international customs capacity building projects. 


As you may know, my name Tonghua means Fairy Tales in Chinese, representing full of imagination and creation. I think it’s significant in Capacity Building as well. Since the words for Capacity Building is “ING”, which indicates the job is life-long learning and always updating. I wish with the joint efforts by my dear colleagues, we could contribute and provide more innovative and high-quality workshops for the members.



I look forward to cooperating with you in the next coming four years.



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