14th Meeting of Heads of the WCO A/P RTCs

14th Meeting of Heads of the WCO A/P RTCs


7-8 December 2016, Hong Kong


On 7-8 December 2016, 14th Meeting of Heads of the WCO A/P Regional Training Centers (RTCs) was convened at the Hong Kong Customs Headquarters Building.  22 delegates, including Heads of the 7 RTCs, representatives from the WCO Secretariat and the A/P Regional Vice-Chair’s Secretariat as well as ROCB A/P staff, attended the Meeting.  Mr. Thomas Lin, Assistant Commissioner of the Hong Kong Customs, officiated the Opening Ceremony and delivered a remark, in which he stressed the needs and importance of high quality capacity building in order to better contend with a number of challenges the Customs administrations are facing under the fast-changing international trade environment.


Mr. Chi Kong Fan, Commandant of the Customs and Excise Training School, i.e. RTC Hong Kong China, presided the Meeting.  The delegates discussed series of capacity building strategies and tactics, including the updated reports from the respective RTCs, and exchanged high-level views on the way forward towards further raising the profiles and the roles of the Customs capacity building in the A/P region by way of reinvigorating collaboration among the stakeholders, namely the WCO, the Regional Vice-Chair, the ROCB A/P and the RTCs.  Among other things, delegates discussed result-oriented capacity building program management through Regional Workshop Follow-Up Survey, furtherance of the Center of Excellence concept, and conduct of study on the impact and good practices of the development and the use of e-learning training modules for the Customs professionalism. 


In the course of the Meeting, the delegates have an opportunity to visit RTC Hong Kong China and observed their specialized training facilities, such as shooting range, mock court, , simulation training room for house search, passenger examination cubicle and container and vehicle inspection modules.  RTC Hong Kong China also made a short demonstration of their e-learning system, which provided the delegates with invaluable food-for-thought for their in-depth discussion on the ROCB A/P’s possible think-tank functions. 


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