OCO Executives paid a courtesy visit to the ROCB A/P

OCO Executives paid a courtesy visit to the ROCB A/P


11 January 2017, Bangkok, Thailand


On 11 January 2017, Mr. Seve Paeniu, Head of the Oceania Customs Organisation (OCO) Secretariat, and Mr. Tevita Tupou, OCO Operations Manager, visited the ROCB A/P on the occasion of their business trip to Bangkok.  Mr. Kazunari Igarashi, Head of the ROCB A/P, and his colleagues warmly welcomed the ROCB A/P’s long-time friend.  On this occasion, Mr. Igarashi and Mr. Paeniu discussed the collaboration between the OCO and the ROCB A/P, including the possible out-reaching of the WCO capacity building programs to other OCO Member administrations, who are not the WCO Members in line with the existing Memorandum of Understanding signed in 2002 between the WCO and the OCO.  They also discussed the future collaboration on research issues, such as creation of database on the Members’ development in Customs procedures and practices for the sake of assisting their respective Members’ bench-marking study.  It was confirmed that the OCO Secretariat and the ROCB A/P maintains close communication and information exchange for materializing those future collaboration. 


Taking this opportunity, Mr. Paeniu and Mr. Tupou watered so-called “ROCB trees” planted in commemoration of the ROCB A/P’s 10th Anniversary in November 2014.






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