WCO Finance Committee Vice Chairperson Visits the ROCB A/P

WCO Finance Committee Vice Chairperson Visits the ROCB A/P


24 February 2017, Bangkok, Thailand


On 24 February 2017, Mr. Hideharu Tanaka, Director of Japanese Foreign Ministry and current Vice Chairperson of the WCO Finance Committee, visited the ROCB A/P in the margin of his business trip to Bangkok.  Mr. Kazunari Igarashi, Head of the ROCB A/P and his colleagues warmly welcomed him.  Director Tanaka and Mr. Igarashi discussed Japanese government’s counter-terrorism measures taken in response to the adoption of the “G7 Action Plan on Counter-terrorism and Violence Extremism” at the Ise-Shima G7 Summit Meeting in May 2016, including their funding for the implementation of the WCO’s security initiatives in the Southeast Asia region (also refer here), as well as capacity building assistance in general in the region.  Director Tanaka also exchanged some words with the ROCB A/P staff and gave them his kind words of encouragement for continued success as the region’s focal point for the collective efforts in the Customs reform and modernization.  Director Tanaka took this opportune visit to water so-called the ROCB A/P’s trees, which were planted in commemoration of the ROCB A/P’s 10th Anniversary ceremony held 2 and a half year ago, in which he attended as a guest.  


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