ROCB A/P pays compliments to newly assigned Thai Customs Executives

ROCB A/P pays compliments to newly assigned Thai Customs Executives


19 May 2017, Bangkok, Thailand

Mr. Kazunari Igarashi, Head of the ROCB A/P, and his colleagues paid courtesy visits to the offices of Mr. Vichak Apirugnunchai, who was recently confirmed as new Principal Advisor of the Thai Customs Department (TCD), to compliment his promotion and seek his continued support and guidance for the ROCB A/P and its activities from high-managerial perspective.  Mr. Igarashi took this opportunity to congratulate continued success in his human resource development program, named “STAR Project” (refer to providing motivated frontline official with various opportunities to participate in public relation and representation events at national and international settings.  Mr. Vichak kindly reaffirmed continuing existing close cooperation between the TCD and the ROCB A/P and his personal engagement. 



On the same day, Mr. Igarashi and his colleague met Mr. Seree Thaijongrak, newly appointed Deputy Director General of the TCD, to congratulate him for taking the office and ask his kind sharing of his professional experiences accumulated through assuming various managerial posts around the nation, so that the ROCBA/P’s capacity building and technical assistance activities may be more practical and down to the earth.  Mr. Seree kindly offered to have a separate opportunity to visit the ROCB on an appropriate occasion and discuss it.     

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