ROCB A/P represents the WCO to the ASEAN Directors General Meeting

ROCB A/P represents the WCO to the ASEAN Directors General Meeting


17 May 2017, Bali, Indonesia


In response to the request by the WCO Secretariat and at the invitation by Indonesia Customs, Mr. Kazunari Igarashi, Head of the ROCB A/P, spoke at the Dialogue Session between the WCO and ASEAN Directors General (DGs) held as part of the ASEAN DGs Meeting on 17 May 2017 in Bali (Denpasar), Indonesia, in the capacity of a WCO representative.  The Meeting was convened for 3 days and attended by more than 60 delegates, including DGs and high executives of 10 ASEAN Member Customs administrations, ASEAN Secretariat and ASEAN’s development partners.  Each Dialogue Session was assigned separately to the respective partners and no other partners were allowed to observe the other Sessions, with a view to assuring exchange of candid views among the ASEAN DGs and the respective partners. 

At the Session assigned to the WCO, Mr. Igarashi made a presentation on the recent progress on the WCO’s prioritized issues, which was highlighted by Secretary General at the recent Regional Heads of Customs Administrations (RHCA) Conference held in March 2017 in Suva, Fiji.  He also referred to some of the emerging issues identified by the WCO’s technical committees, such as possible application of artificial intelligence and machine learning as well as Internet of Things, blockchain and global value chain, which may have significant implications to the border control and supply chain management in the near future.  He then presented the ROCB’s perspectives to complement these perceived emerging issues in the context of planning of capacity building assistance activities for the next fiscal year.  DGs welcomed WCO and appreciated its continued collaboration with ASEAN Member Customs administrations in various domains.  DGs then raised several issues of their concerns and views, including the imperative needs for dealing with growing e-commerce trade, which are to be conveyed to the WCO for further discussion at the forthcoming Policy Commission and the Council Sessions in July 2017.

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