ROCB A/P Greets Japan Customs Director General

ROCB A/P Greets Japan Customs Director General


29 May 2017, Tokyo, Japan


Seizing the occasion of a mission to Japan, Mr. Kazunari Igarashi, Head of the ROCB A/P, visited the Customs and Tariff Bureau (CTB) of Ministry of Finance in Tokyo on 29 May 2017 and greeted the CTB executives, including Mr. Mikio Kajikawa, Director General of the CTB, and Mr. Hiroshi Kishimoto, Deputy Director General of the same.  At these courtesy visits, Mr. Igarashi thanked Japan’s financial and human resource contribution to the ROCB A/P and its activities.  Mr. Igarashi also gave them briefings on the ROCB A/P’s most recent activities and sought Japan Customs’ continued support and guidance to the ROCB A/P so that its future work may remain relevant to the regional Members’ interests and priorities.  CTB executives kindly complimented the ROCB A/P for its undertaking, including the WCO representation to the regional fora, and gave their kind words of encouragement to the ROCB A/P staffs for continued commitment to furtherance of the WCO’s prioritized agendas in the region.


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