WCO Security Project Launching for Bangladesh

WCO Security Project Launching for Bangladesh


23-25 July 2017, Dhaka, Bangladesh


At the invitation of Bangladesh National Board of Revenue (NBR), the WCO delegation consisting Dr. Kunio Mikuriya, WCO Secretary General, and Mr. Kazunari Igarashi, Head of the ROCB A/P, visited Dhaka, Bangladesh to launch the WCO’s Security Project for Bangladesh and to seek political support for accelerating Customs reform and modernization to contend with a series of challenges being discussed at the international arena, such as counter-terrorism and supply chain security and trade facilitation.  ROCB A/P worked very closely with the BNR for arranging this visit (also refer to pertinent article at xxx).

Prior to the Launching of the WCO Security Project for Bangladesh, which is the first of this kind under the Project for Southeast Asia and its surrounding counties, the WCO delegation met Bangladesh Finance Minister, Mr. Abdul Maal Abdul Muhith, as well as Commerce Minister and Home Affairs Minister respectively to seek their political support for the Customs efforts in modernizing and reforming its business and competencies to better contend various challenges of the day, which was duly advocated accordingly.  WCO delegation also had a formal meeting with NBR Chairman, Mr. Nojibur Rahman, and other NBR Members to discuss the WCO’s prioritized work agenda and future undertakings, such as furthering economic connectivity, under the vision of “borders divide, Customs connect.” 

On 25 July 2015, WCO Security Project national Launching Ceremony was held in Dhaka, Bangladesh, with presence of high-level government officials and Japanese Ambassador to Bangladesh.  More than 50 officials representing relevant Ministries and stakeholders attended this first national launching event and reaffirmed whole-government engagement to the Project, which covers border enforcement against precursor and detonators for improvised explosive devices, passenger control with the use of Advance Passenger Information and Passenger Name Record, and illicit trafficking in small arms and light weapons.  WCO Secretary General gave a keynote address and stressed the need for close cooperation among relevant competent authorities and with business so that the appropriate balance between control against illicit trafficking and facilitation of legitimate trade could be maintained.  This event attracted huge attention of the mass media in Bangladesh. 


For more information, please write to us at rocb@rocbap.org.  Please also refer to the WCO website at www.wcoomd.org.







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