WCO and ROCB A/P joined development partners for greater collaboration on trade facilitation

4-7 September 2017, Yogyakarta, Indonesia


Asia Pacific Trade Facilitation Forum (APTFF) 2017 and its side events, i.e. a series of trade facilitation-related workshops, were held on 5-6 September 2017 and 7 September 2017 respectively in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, by UNESCAP and ADB, in cooperation with Indonesia Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs.  Approximately 200 delegates from more than 30 countries in A/P region representing government agencies, including Customs and Commerce Ministries, as well as business organizations, intergovernmental organizations, academia and think-tank institutes participated in this gathering.  Mr. Kazunari Igarashi, Head of the ROCB A/P, attended the Forum along with Deputy Director of WCO Compliance and Facilitation Directorate.   The Forum provided the participants with an opportunity to share their trade facilitation innovations for sustainable development in the A/P region, focusing on ley topics including paperless trade, public and private sector partnership, enabling business environment, e-commerce and digital trade.  Following the Forum, the development partner organizations organized capacity building workshops on expediting perishable goods, National Trade facilitation Committee, measuring and monitoring of trade facilitation performance, e-commerce and Single Window interoperability.         

Prior to the APTFF and its side events, a meeting of Regional Organizations Cooperation Mechanism for Trade facilitation (ROC-TF) was convened on 4 September 2017 in the same venue, which was attended by representatives from 9 organizations (i.e. ITC, ASEAN, APEC, AFACT, UNESCAP, ADB, WCO, WTO and UNECE).  Mr. Igarashi and WCO Deputy Director took part in this meeting and exchanged views on the way for better collaboration and coordination on trade facilitation-related capacity building assistance activities.  Mr. Igarashi made a presentation on the WCO Mercator Program and its implementation approach as well as pertinent regional capacity building assistance program for 2017/18.  Attendees agreed to continue to exchange overviews on their respective activities for the sake of prompt implementation of the Trade facilitation Agreement. 

For more information, please write to us at rocb@rocbap.org.



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