6th Greater Tumen Initiative(GTI) Trade Facilitation Workshop in Korea

28-30 November 2017, Cheonan, Korea


  The GTI Secretariat organized a Trade Facilitation Workshop from 28 to 30 November 2017 in Cheonan, Korea, in cooperation with Korea Customs Service(KCS) under the financial support of Customs Cooperation Fund of Korea(CCF/Korea) to support the realization of trade facilitation in the Northeast Asia through the promotion of the AEO programs.

  Over 30 participants representing Customs administrations from 3 GTI Member countries (China, Mongolia, and Korea) and 4 invited Customs administrations (Hong Kong China, Cambodia, Rwanda, and Malawi) participated in this workshop. Mr. Hong-Young JO of the ROCB A/P attended this workshop as one of the resource persons, and made a presentation on the WCO SAFE Framework of Standards (SAFE FoS) for raising awareness of the AEO program. He also took a leading role in responding to the various questions raised by the participants.


Through this 3-day workshop, the participants had very interactive discussion on the way to implement the AEO program and multilateral AEO Mutual Recognition Arrangement(MRA) among the GTI Members. AEO experts from the KCS and the other participating countries shared their knowledge and experiences in the management of their respective AEO programs, the progress of AEO MRA, and the AEO criteria of authorization, among other things.


   Participants identified several common challenges relating to the promotion of the AEO programs and multilateral AEO MRA. Workshop participants acknowledged that the WCO ROCB A/P could assist its Members, including the GTI Members, in many ways especially through provision of assistance to the Members in the areas of developing AEO program. The ROCB A/P is going to continue its collaboration with the GTI Secretariat and the KCS for promoting the AEO program and the AEO MRA in the WCO A/P region bearing in mind the significant value of the AEO program in the context of securing and facilitating the movement of trade goods as well as fostering compliance mindset among traders.


For more information, please write to us at rocb@rocbap.org.





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