ROCB A/P discusses the regional good practices at the 13th Global ROCBs-RTCs-Vice Chairs’ Offices

22-23 February 2018, Brussels, Belgium


The WCO Convened the 13th Global Meeting of the Heads of the Regional Offices for Capacity Building (ROCBs), the Regional Training Centers (RTCs) and Vice Chairs’ Offices on 22 and 23 February 2018 at its Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, which was attended by some 30 delegates from the ROCBs, RTCs and Vice Chairs’ Offices around the world.  The Meeting discussed, among others, the contribution of the WCO’s regional structures (i.e. ROCBs and RTCs) to the implementation of the WCO Strategic Plan, the regional best practices guidance, and review and update of the PICARD Professional Standards. 

Mr. Kazunari Igarashi, Head of the ROCB A/P joined the panel discussion and explained the A/P region’s practices in translating the WCO Strategic Plan into tactical and operational levels, highlighting the ROCB A/P’s approaches in developing its Annual Work Plan and its initiatives in evaluating the impacts of the regional workshops.  He stressed the importance of the technical assistance needs analysis so that the planning of the regional capacity building activities would better accommodate the regional Members’ needs and priorities. 

ROCBs discussed the collection and management of regional and national data during their break-out discussion session.  The Meeting also provided the participants with the latest development in the various works undertaken by the respective Directorates of the WCO Secretariat. 

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