WCO Regional Workshop on Capacity Building of Customs Laboratories

17-19 April 2018, Busan, Korea

The WCO, in cooperation with the ROCB A/P and Korea Customs Service (KCS), organized the WCO Regional Workshop on Capacity Building of Customs Laboratories from 17 April to 19 April 2018 in Busan, Korea, under the financial support of Customs Cooperation Fund of Korea (CCF/Korea) to enable the sharing of analytical techniques in the A/P region.

28 participants from 22 regional Member administrations, 4 resource persons, and 2 officials from the Russian Federation attended in this workshop. Mr. Hong-Young Jo of the ROCB A/P attended this workshop as one of the resource persons, and he made a presentation on the ROCB A/P’s contributions and activities in capacity building.

Through this 3-day workshop, the participants actively took part in all the discussions and exercises and shared their views on their possible steps for their administration to raise the awareness of the importance of a Customs laboratory in achieving the Customs’ mission. The workshop was successfully concluded with the participants’ clear understanding of key challenges in Customs laboratory analysis and capacity development approaches to accommodate evolving sophisticated analytical techniques. The participants shared their current situation of Customs laboratories’ operation and Customs analysis results, inter alia, natural and re-esterified fish oil, illegal drugs and precursors, toxic substances, alumina refractory cement and alumina cement, activated carbon and charcoal, and environmental hormone.

The ROCB A/P is going to continue its collaboration with the regional Members for improving the accuracy and effectiveness of Customs laboratory analysis work through providing opportunities for sharing latest analytical techniques, and Customs laboratory analysis trend and results.

For more information, please write to us at rocb@rocbap.org.






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