Renewal of collaboration with New Zealand Customs Service

 20 April 2018, Bangkok, Thailand


On 20 April 2018, Mr. Brian Lamb, Customs Counsellor of the New Zealand Embassy in Thailand, and Mr. Daniel Brunt, a successor of Mr. Lamb, paid a courtesy visit to the ROCB A/P.  Mr. Kazunari Igarashi, Head of the ROCB A/P, and his colleagues warmly welcomed them. 

Mr. Lamb has been the ROCB A/P’s strong supporter and he maintained good relation and collaboration in various capacity building activities, especially in enforcement and investigation domains.  He is about to complete his tenure as a Customs Counsellor and is going back to his home administrations.  Mr. Igarashi and his colleagues thanked Mr. Lamb from the bottom of their hearts for his friendship and unsparing support for improving and maintaining the quality of the ROCB A/P’s public relation.   

Mr. Brunt has become a friend of the ROCB A/P colleagues very quickly with his nice smile.  Mr. Igarashi discussed with Mr. Brunt some ideas and notions of the future regional capacity building programs and he sought New Zealand Customs’ continued support and guidance in the region’s collective efforts as the Office benefitted from Mr. Lamb’s support.  Both gentlemen kindly gave the ROCB A/P their words of commitment and support for the regional capacity building activities. 

On this occasion, Mr. Lamb and Mr. Brunt were invited to water so-called the “ROCB trees” which were planted in commemoration of the ROCB A/P’s 10th Anniversary Ceremony held in November 2014.  Mr. Lamb recalled how short the trees were 4 years ago and wished that the regional capacity building be further flourished like the ROCB trees through continued collaboration between the regional Member administrations and the ROCB A/P.


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