The ROCB A/P represents the WCO to the ASEAN Meeting for the Customs Directors General

The ROCB A/P represents the WCO to the ASEAN Meeting for the Customs Directors General


3 May 2018, Langkawi, Malaysia

At the request of the WCO Secretariat and invitation from the Royal Malaysian Customs Department (RMCD), Mr. Kazunari Igarashi, Head of the ROCB A/P, attended the 27th Meeting of the ASEAN Directors General (DGs) Meeting held on 3 May 2018 in Langkawi, Malaysia, as a representative of the WCO.  The Meeting was convened on 2-4 May 2018, but it is only opened for the consultation sessions with the ASEAN partners, including the WCO, on 3 May 2018.   More than 60 delegates from 10 ASEAN Member administrations and the ASEAN Secretariat participated in the session. 

At the session allocated to the WCO, Mr. Igarashi made a presentation on the WCO’s 6 priority works and their progresses, touching upon trade facilitation, e-commerce, security issues, illicit financial flows, Customs-Tax cooperation and performance measurement.  ASEAN DGs expressed their appreciation to the WCO’s on-going work and provided some of their thoughts on these referred subjects, especially on the consultation with the World Bank to sort out the Members’ concern over the Bank’s “Doing Business Reports.”  on the initiatives, responded and commented on the SG’s contact with the WB on the issues on the “Doing Business Report.”  Dato’ Sri Subromanian Tholasy, Director General of the RMCD and the Chairman of the Meeting, thanked Mr. Igarashi for his contribution and provided his kind words of encouragement. 

After the session with the ASEAN DGs, Mr. Igarashi met delegation of US ASEAN Business Council (US ABC), headed by Ambassador Michael Michalak, for an informal exchange on the way to collaborate between the ROCB A/P and the business community to promote efficient cross-border trade and provide technical support through their inputs and model showcasing of the application of disruptive technologies, such as blockchain, and new business practices, as well as public education on e-commerce and anti-counterfeiting, in particular, in order that the Customs in the region could improve their performance and contributing to optimizing business opportunities in accordance with the WCO’s 2018 theme “A secure business environment for economic development.”

Prior to the meeting with the ASEAN DGs, Mr. Igarashi visited the Royal Malaysian Customs Academy in Langkawi (AKMAL Langkawi) and met Director of AKMAL Langkawi, Mr. Zulkurnein Bin Abd Rahman, and his deputy, and had a tour to their facilities, including class rooms and dormitory.  Director looked forward to the upcoming WCO Sub-regional Workshop on IPR for ASEAN in early July 2018, and invited more opportunities to accommodate the WCO workshops in his Academy.

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