Shanghai Customs College has made another academic advancement

On 10 May 2018, the Shanghai Customs College (SCC), a WCO Regional Training Center, has become an accredited institution offering the Master’s Degree of Taxation and Public Administration. On 10 April, its Bachelor Program of Customs Administration (BCA) has been recognized by the WCO Secretariat within the framework of the PICARD Program.





The SCC is a regular institution of higher learning approved by the Ministry of Education and is a subordinate to the General Administration of China Customs. At present, the SCC has the School of Customs Administration, School of Economics and Business Administration, School of Law, School of Foreign Language and Department of Fundamental Education, offering eight undergraduate programs including Customs Administration, Logistic Management, Audit, International Business, Taxation, Law and English, which cover the disciplines of science of management, economics, science of law and literature.






Grounded in Customs and geared to the need of national society and the international community, the SCC cultivates high-quality, inter-disciplinary and practical elites in Customs administration to meet the demand of Customs undertakings and economic and social development, as well as talents in foreign trade to serve port logistics and international business. The SCC is also proactive in conducting the Customs theoretical research and international exchanges. In addition, the SCC is tasked with further education, knowledge upgrading and professional training for the mid and high-level officials in Customs. According to the assignment of the WCO and the need of the Member countries and territories in the Asia Pacific region, the SCC is gradually undertaking more and more tasks of training for the Customs officials in the region, carrying out corresponding international commitment.




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