WCO Global Mercator Program Advisor Seminar

WCO Global Mercator Program Advisor Seminar

2-6 July 2018, Brussels, Belgium

The second WCO Global Mercator Program Advisor (MPA) Seminar was held at the WCO Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, on 2-6 July 2018 with a view to continuously providing a platform for MPAs to share experiences in their respective missions under the Mercator Program and update the recent developments in the initiatives undertaken by the WCO and its development partners so that the MPAs may provide the down-to-the-earth support in the tailor-made track approach. About 20 participants, who have been involved in activities pertaining to the Mercator Program, took part in the Seminar. Ms. Saori Nojima, Program Manager of the ROCB A/P, participated in the seminar as one of the fully accredited MPAs.

The Mercator Program was launched in 2014 to support the WCO Members to implement the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement and the MPAs are Members’ experts with the capacity to support administrations with an organizational gap analysis, planning and implementation of the TFA, typically at a strategic level.




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