WCO Sub-Regional Workshop for ASEAN Member States on Border Enforcement on Counterfeiting and Piracy

9-13 July 2018, Langkawi, Malaysia


The WCO Sub-Regional Workshop for ASEAN Member States (AMS) on Border Enforcement on Counterfeiting and Piracy was held on 9-13 July 2018 in Langkawi, Malaysia, under the sponsorship of Japan Customs Cooperation Fund (CCF/Japan). The Workshop was organized in cooperation with the Royal Malaysia Customs Department (RMCD) and the ROCB A/P. The commitment of the RMCD as a Country Coordinator of Strategic Plan of Customs Development (SPCD) 10 on Public Security and Protection of the Society under the ASEAN Framework realized the joint arrangement of the Workshop with the RMCD. A total of 24 Customs officials representing nine AMS, two observers from ASEAN Secretariat, and one observer from ASEAN Working Group on Intellectual Property Cooperation attended the Workshop. Resource persons from the WCO Secretariat and Japan Customs respectively facilitated the sessions and Ms. Saori Nojima, Program Manager of the ROCB A/P, also took part in the Workshop as a resource person and facilitator.


Resource persons gave presentations on the basics of intellectual property rights (IPR), international agreements regarding the IPR including the WTO Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS Agreement), border enforcement of trademarks and copyrights, among other things, and the participants shared their administrations’ practices to deepen their understanding on the IPR legal frameworks and learn good practices. In the course of the Workshop, the participants developed training materials pertaining to the afore-mentioned focused subjects, which are expected to be utilized for their training opportunities. In addition, joint sessions with right holders were conducted to learn product identification techniques and discuss the way forward for effective border enforcement while strengthening the cooperation between Customs and right holders. The Workshop was successfully concluded with participants’ clear recognition about their roles in self-sufficient and sustainable domestic trainings and the possible way forward toward better IPR enforcement at the border.  


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