ROCB A/P discusses Customs Human Resource Management with ASEAN Member administrations

29 November 2018, Jakarta, Indonesia


At the invitation from Director of the Indonesian Customs and Excise Education and Training Center (Pusdiklat BC), Mr. Kazunari Igarashi, Head of the ROCB A/P, attended the ASEAN Seminar on Customs Human Resource Development, held on 29 November 2018 at the Education and Training Center under the initiatives of the Indonesian Customs as coordinator for Customs capacity building within the ASEAN framework.  Nearly 20 representatives from 6 ASEAN Member Customs administrations and Jakarta-based Australian Border Force Liaison Office attended this 2-day Seminar to discuss and share their experiences in the development and assessment of the respective customs officers’ performance and competencies as well as their training management approaches, including learning needs analyses, teaching staff development and the assessment of training effectiveness. 


In the wake of the official opening remarks delivered by Mr. Harry Mulya, Director of the Pusdiklat BC, Mr. Igarashi gave a half-day lecture on the WCO’s Framework on Principles and Practices on Customs Professionalism, focusing on the competency-based human resource management and job profiling as well as training management.  Mr. Igarashi also introduced a series of WCO human resource development programs and guidelines.  In the context of the assessment of the training, he gave them an explanation on the ROCB A/P’s initiatives in conducting Regional Workshop Follow-Up Actions Survey being conducted with a view to taking a snapshot of the impacts and effects accrued from these capacity building programs, instead of merely evaluate the satisfaction to the respective workshops.  Likewise, referring to the afore-mentioned WCO Framework, Mr. Igarashi suggested the result-based management approach to assess “training effectiveness” rather than evaluating training itself.  Participants showed their keen interests in these principles and practices, which led to an interactive questions and answers sessions. 


Prior to attending the Seminar, Mr. Igarashi paid a courtesy call to Mr. Heru Pambudi, Director General of the Indonesian Directorate of Customs and Excise, at his office and thanked him for kind guidance to the ROCB A/P and sought further contribution to the regional capacity building and technical assistance programs through provision of both soft and hard resources.  DG Pambudi echoed his administration’s determination and readiness to support the WCO’s initiatives and gave his kind words and encouragement to the ROCB A/P.  DG Pambudi also gave explanation on his administration’s efforts in enhancing international collaboration in law enforcement and human resource development. 


Mr. Igarashi was escorted to so-called the “WCO garden and pool” where a large WCO logo is designed at the bottom of the fountain pond in front of the Customs complex and observed Indonesian Customs’ training and welfare facilities, including dormitory and guesthouses, and dog training center.  He also received an interview for the Indonesian Customs Radio Program (Kanal Bea Cukai).

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