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Dear readers, 



It is my great pleasure and honor to extend my greetings from Bangkok for the first time as the new Head of the ROCB A/P for the next 5 years succeeding Mr. Yoshihiro Kosaka. Indeed, I have quite big shoes to fill.
By way of introduction, I would like to touch upon some of my background and work experiences. I have worked for Customs for more than 30 years and have vast operational work experiences and involvement in international affairs, including 6-year long service at the Enforcement/Compliance Sub-Directorate of the WCO Secretariat. During my tenure in the Secretariat, I took the leading role for organizing meetings of the Enforcement Committee and Commercial Fraud Working Group. I also devised a series of technical guidelines and Recommendations on such enforcement subjects as commercial fraud, money laundering, tobacco smuggling, etc. based on the Members' best practices and delivered a range of training programs to disseminate these guidelines. Even after I have come back to Tokyo in July 2009, I continued to involve in a number of international consultations and took a lead in concerted actions in the enforcement domain. Through these work experiences and involvement, I have established and enjoyed close international collaboration networks with the WCO Secretariat officials and foreign Customs colleagues in various part of the world. I believe that these unique possessions of mine will be the great asset for my work in the ROCB A/P.
As you are aware, the ROCB A/P was established in2004 and we are going to celebrate its 10th anniversary in November this year. Thanks to great leadership of previous two Heads of the ROCB A/P and dedicated work of its staff members, as well as generous hospitality and comfortable work facilities provided by Thai Customs Department, the ROCB A/P has garnered very high reputation in the Customs community. I am also fully aware of the invaluable contributions from donor administrations and development partners which assisted ROCB’s activities a lot. ROCB A/P is the region’s asset and it exists to serve for the Members in this region. I will always bear this constitutional principle of the ROCB A/P in mind and I am going to make utmost effort in order to live up to the Members’expectations.
Seizing this opportune occasion, I would like to re-affirm my pledge and commitment, which I explicitly delivered at the WCO Asia/Pacific Regional Heads of Customs Administrations Conference held in Port Douglas, Australia, where my assumption of the post was decided.
Secondly, I am going to maintain and, endeavor to further strengthen communication and collaboration with the Members and stakeholders. The ROCB belongs to the region; therefore, communication with the Members in this region is a very important key to make the ROCB’s activities relevant to the Members’ needs and interests. I am also going to take good care of the existing close communication channels and framework for concerted efforts with the WCO Secretariat, Regional Vice Chair and Regional Training Centers as well as development partners and other stakeholders, including the host administration.
Thirdly, I am going to bear in mind always how best the capacity building programs should be delivered to create tangible results, while respecting the Members’ on-going good practices. In this regard, I am going to take a lead to make good coordination and best use of the region’s pooled resources and their expertise.
I am aware that the ROCB A/P cannot fulfill its mandate alone. I therefore look forward to continued collaboration with the WCO Secretariat, Regional Vice Chair,Regional Training Centers and, of course, Members in this region as well as development partners and other stakeholders in various domains. At the same time, I would like to seek your continued support and guidance with a view to making the ROCB A/P's work relevant and value-adding to the regional Members' needs and interests.
Kind regards,
Kazunari Igarashi
Head of the ROCB A/P



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