ROCB A/P joins the International Customs Day 2019 Celebration

25 January 2019, Bangkok, Thailand

At the invitation of the Thai Customs Department (TCD), ROCB A/P staff joined the International Customs Day Celebration event organized by the TCD on 25 January 2019. The event opened with the welcoming speech by Ms. Nitaya Teingtrongpinyo, Director of the Planning and International Affairs Bureau, followed by a keynote speech by Mr. Krisada Chinavicharana, Director General of the TCD.  He emphasized the pivotal roles of global Customs community in accommodating the ever-changing trade environment in line with the WCO’s theme for 2019 “SMART Borders for Seamless Trade, Travel and Transport”. WCO Certificates of Merit were awarded to about 20 TCD colleagues for their outstanding achievements in their respective duties and assignments.  The whole TCD  colleagues and their working partners, including Bangkok-based Customs Attachés and ROCB A/P, jointly celebrated the International Customs Day and re-affirmed continued close collaboration and cooperation among them for further enhancing TCD’s competence and capacity in various domains.


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