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I’m Chloe AU from Hong Kong Customs. I’m so glad and happy to join the ROCB A/P, a renowned regional office of capacity building in the world.


I have joined the Customs community for over 20 years. Despite the years I had spent in enforcement investigation and cargo clearance at the boundaries, I also engaged in the WCO issues for many years.  I had experience in prosecution against IPR syndicates and keen sense at applying risk management in the course of customs clearance to detect smuggling activities.  With the Customs knowledge I have earned over years, I was assigned to the office responsible for studying and dealing with WCO matters in Hong Kong Customs.  I had the opportunities to work with the Vice-Chair’s Office by that time and the regional entities such as RILO and this office, in organizing operations and capacity building activities.  I’m so glad that I have the chance to work with the experts here again, this time in a closer relationship, to contribute my expertise in Customs profession to the regional members.  I am looking forward to working with you all!

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