Farewell Message from Mr. Hong-Young JO


Dear Colleagues and Friends,


Even I don’t want to leave here, the time touches my mouth I should say to good-bye. I am completing my 2-year tenure on 3rd September 2019. With a heavy heart and sorrow feelings, I am writing this message to convey my sincere gratitude to everyone for making my experience at the ROCB A/P a memorable one. I would not be able to forget the happy moments we have shared together throughout over the past two (2) years.


Working at the ROCB A/P, I have met some great individuals, and made a lot of friends. I had lots of opportunities to learn and explore my skills, which have transformed me into what I am today. I show my all respect and sincere thanks to each of you for constant support, which encouraged me to perform in difficult times as well. I’ll keep our friendship with our office’s colleagues and great moments with friends of the Thai Customs Department(TCD) in mind. I would also like to extend my appreciation to the representatives from Australian Border Force(ABF) and New Zealand Cusotms Service based in Bongkok for continous support to the ROCB A/P including me. I definitely belive our friendship with the ROCB A/P Members, other Customs Attaches’ in Thailand, and the WCO Secretariat would keep and surely bloom as time grows. Our friendship will be going for good.


I would be happy to share my contact details with everyone and wish to be in touch. Please feel free to reach me via email (bigboy@korea.kr) if you need to reach out to me individually and directly.


Thanking you all once again. Wish you all the best and good success.


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