Farewell Message from Ms. Lin Lianqing



Dear Colleagues,


Time flies so fast that my internship in the ROCB/AP ended on 30 August, 2019. It's my honor to work here for nearly two months as the first Chinese intern. This experience for me is very cherish and important. It is destined to be memorable.

My appreciation is more than words that I can say. Please accept my sincere gratitude for your kindness, for your help, for your encouragement, for everything.

Looking back on my rich two-month internship, I really appreciate what you've done for me. Without your help and support, I couldn’t have opportunities to participate in a workshop, visit our UN partners, contribute to our website articles, do some support work for our follow-up survey, and present my research about Cross-border E-commerce. It was a colorful and challenging experience for me. Everything I did is inseparable from your help.

This internship experience in the ROCB/AP has helped me not only develop my abilities in many aspects but also open my mind. Meanwhile my understanding of the Customs has deepened. No matter what my future career is, I will always be proud of the Customs.

Thanks again. And I believe our friendship lasts forever.

Best wishes for you and the ROCB/AP.



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