Message from Mr. Ilkwon HAN (Gideon)


It is my honor to have greetings to fellow officers. After being a customs officer in 1988, I had a dream to be an international customs officer. In the course of my career more than 30 years in Korea Customs Service, I have worked for many areas like PCA, Cargo and baggage Inspection and Investigation, etc.  Among my experiences in Customs, PCA (including Customs Valuation) was my main task and had an outstanding performance. Finally I could be an adjunct professor in CBCTI. One more experience in Capacity building was VCOA (Virtual Customs Orientation Academy) project in WCO, 2014. I was a virtual tutor in the pilot project, and I had great compliments from participants. This made me to attend a capacity building committee meeting in 2015 to present the VCOA program as a Best Practice.

Anyhow I haven’t thought to be in Bangkok before. However, My dream drives me to be a member of ROCB, which is a quite challenging task. But I don’t stop my ambition to dedicate myself to WCO.  I will do my best to support our colleagues. And I will always be with you, opening my ears to hear your voices.  God bless you.

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