WCO Regional Workshop on AEO

16-20 December 2019, Kashiwa, Japan


The WCO Regional Workshop on raising awareness on the development of regional cooperation and strategy in the context of Authorized Economic Operators(AEO) was held on 16-20 December 2019 at the WCO Regional Training Center in Japan(Japan Customs Training Institute(CTI)), under the sponsorship of Japan Customs Cooperation Fund (CCF/Japan). The Workshop was organized in close cooperation with the Japan Customs and the ROCB A/P. A total of 25 Customs officials representing 21 Member administrations in the Asia Pacific Region attended the Workshop and facilitators from Malaysia and Japan led the sessions. Ms. Saori Nojima, Program Manager, and Ms. Vareemon Chairungsrilert, Program Coordinator of the ROCB A/P, also attended as facilitators/coordinators for the Workshop.


In addition to the WCO SAFE Frameworks of Standards and some updates of AEO Package as a basic knowledge, the Workshop covered WCO tools to implement AEO and help Mutual Recognition Arrangement/Agreement(MRA) such as the Customs AEO Validator Guide, relevant Training Module, Guideline on Traders Identification Number among other things. The Workshop also provided the opportunity to share situations and challenges of respective administrations among the participants. A site visit including mock validation exercises enabled the participants to observe recognized AEO’s business operations and the relationship between Japan Customs and the business. By considering the existing challenges and taking into account the draft concepts in the AEO 2.0, the participants also discussed possible regional cooperation and strategy to take further steps forward. Ms. Nojima explained the relevance of Asia Pacific Regional Strategic Plan and AEO related activities, and capacity building activities in the A/P region and led a session to discuss leadership and management as well as individual activities and commitment to be taken after the Workshop.


The workshop was successfully concluded with participants’ clear understating and recognition on their possible future actions and it helped to build a communication network among the participants and facilitators for future cooperation and collaboration. The participants showed their appreciation to the Japan Customs, CTI, WCO, ROCB A/P, and the facilitators/coordinators for their support to the Workshop.


For more information, please write to us at rocb@rocbap.org.






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