ROCB A/P joins the WCO Virtual Working Group (VWG) on the review of the Integrity Development Guide (IDG)

6 April-28 June 2020, Bangkok, Thailand


At the invitation of the WCO Secretariat, Dr. Tong Hua, as the representative of the ROCB A/P, joined the WCO Virtual Working Group (VWG) on the review of the Integrity Development Guide (IDG) for 12 weeks in total between 6 April and 28 June 2020. Dr. Tong worked together with other global integrity experts by using the WCO CLiKC! Platform. He shared lots of good practices in A/P region under the ten key elements of the WCO Revised Arusha Declaration and the IDG. The VWG systematically reviewed and updated the current 2014 version of the IDG based on the lessons learnt, identified gaps for improvement, emerging issues and new best practices in the area of integrity development that need to be reflected in this important tool.


The 133rd/134th WCO Council Sessions held in June 2019 endorsed the new Strategic Plan of the World Customs Organization (WCO) for 2019-2022 which identifies nine strategic priorities and emerging trends that will be at the heart of the WCO’s work over that time period, and integrity has been indicated as one of those priorities. In order to achieve the goals of this priority area, the 19th Session of the WCO Integrity Sub-Committee (ISC), held on 20-21 February 2020, endorsed the review and update of the WCO Integrity Development Guide (IDG), its key capacity building tool on integrity. ROCB A/P actively participated in the VWG reaffirms its strong commitment to keep promoting and supporting the advancement of the WCO Integrity tools among A/P Members, and to continue working closely with its international partners to move this agenda forward.


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