ROCB A/P appreciate for the Host Administration

Bangkok Thailand, 9 December 2020


Mr. Norikazu Kuramoto, the Head of ROCB A/P conveyed his deepest appreciation to Thai Customs Department as the host administration of ROCB A/P since it established in 2004 for their long standing and generous supports to ROCB A/P and its capacity building activity for Asia Pacific Members at the collaboration learning event which is named Thank Thai Workshop on 9 December 2020. From ROCB A/P, Mr. Ilkwon Han, Ms. Chloe Au, Ms. Yuko Mamiya, Dr. Tong Hua, Program Managers, Ms. May, Assistant Program Manager and all Program Coordinators joined.


At the beginning of the event, Ms. Nunthita Sirikup, the Director of Human Resource Management (HRM) Division, Thai Customs Department expressed the deepest gratitude on the efforts of ROCB A/P for the long-term service in delivering capacity building activity in the Asia Pacific region and expressed their strong intention to enhance further collaboration with ROCB A/P.


In this event, Mr. Ilkwon Han, Ms. Chloe Au, Ms. Yuko Mamiya, Dr. Tong Hua, and Ms. May, facilitated and promoted WCO capacity building activities and its international standards included training and Integrity areas as well as international cooperation. From Thai Customs Department, 16 officers from HRM Division, mainly from Customs Academy and Ethic Enhancement & Promotion Directorate participated in and exchanged of views with Program Managers of ROCB A/P. This workshop was designed and organized with its main counterpart, HRM Division of Thai Customs Department to learn and update about the WCO and its standards.


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