Welcome Message from Ms. Sherman Yu

I am Sherman Yu from Hong Kong Customs. It is an honor and my pleasure to join the ROCB AP family.

Before I joined Customs, I obtained my Bachelor degree in Geography and Master degree in Sustainable Development in The University of Hong Kong. Also, to better equip myself for taking up the enforcement duty, I studied Bachelor of Laws in University of London after I joined Customs. I started my career in Customs in 2005. In my early years in Customs, my exposures were mainly on enforcement, i.e. working as frontline officer in processing Container Cargo, stationing in Control Points in Border as well as Passenger Processing Unit in Airport. In the last 6 years, I was posted to Trade Facilitation and administration aspects My duties were to promote and explain the AEO programme to the business sector and organize training workshops for them. Also, I was assigned to assist in monitoring the implementation of the Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) in e.g. keep track on the recognition rate of AEO in the customs clearance as well as organizing review meetings. After the AEO office, I was assigned to the Project Team to prepare for commissioning of a new border control point, namely Heung Yuen Wai Control Point. Throughout the time in Project Team, I gained valuable experiences in Project Management. I sincerely hope that my working experience, particularly on AEO and MRA aspects can contribute and promote the works of ROCB AP. Being the Programme Manager, I would shoulder the responsibility to promote the initiatives, strategies and tools put forward by WCO not only to the AP members but also to other stakeholders. Last but not the least, I am sure I will learn a lot from my colleagues in ROCB AP and AP members and create synergy in our daily work. Looking forward to cooperating with you all!


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