Farewell message from Ms. Chloe Au


Do you agree time flies when you are engaged in something you enjoy?  I am 100% in support of this!  I am glad to have accomplished my two-year term of work in the WCO ROCB A/P and now it’s the time for me to bid farewell to you all.


Acted as the Program Manager of ROCB A/P, I had organized and arranged a number of regional and sub-regional meetings and workshops on various WCO topics, such as Intellectual Property Right and Post Audit Clearance, for Members in the Asia/Pacific region.  I am a person who is thirsty for sharing and learning.  Through convening and participating in these regional capacity building activities, I am pleased to have the occasions to share my expertise with the participants and also very thankful to learn from the experts in the WCO and other international organizations.  These experiences are vital and invaluable for the future of my career.  Taking this opportunity, I would like to express my gratefulness to those fellow colleagues for your generous and selfless contributions and sharing of your knowledge.  Together we had completed a page for building the capacity in A/P region.



Working in the ROCB A/P had not only enriched my resume but also expanded my networking.  During my stay in Bangkok, Thailand, I enjoyed meeting the Customs colleagues from different Member administrations.  These new friends are kind, helpful, energetic and full of passion, especially the ROCB team and Thai Customs colleagues.  We worked closely together and we also looked after each other thoroughly.  During the lock down period in pandemic in particular, though I was thousand miles away from my family, I was around with care and concerns given by my friends here.  Please allow me to convey my heartfelt thanks to all my dearest partners and friends.  I will always remember our precious moments and never forget the time we overcame the difficulties.



Although it is sad to say goodbye but still, I have no choice.  However, I am sure this farewell is not the end of our relationship, especially in this unprecedented period of time.  The “new normal” practice of virtual meeting enables us to see each other more easily, hassle free from boundary and time constraints.  I look forward to meeting you all in the near future for another fruitful and insightful sharing.


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