ROCB A/P celebrate opening new RDTC Korea

8 June 2021, Incheon, Korea


At the invitation of the Director-General of RDTC Korea, Mr. Norikazu Kuramoto, Head of the ROCB A/P and his colleagues attended the Virtual Launching Ceremony of Regional Dog Training Center (RDTC) Korea.  Mr. Kuramoto conveyed his warmest congratulation to Ms. Anna Cho, Director-General of RDTC Korea.


At the beginning of the ceremony, Ms. Anna Cho, Director-General of RDTC Korea, declared the official Opening of RDTC Korea, followed by cake cutting with her colleagues. In this occasion, Mr. Jaehyeon Lim, Commissioner of KCS, expressed his sincere welcome and thank you for the ceremony for launching WCO RDTC Korea. He strengthened the importance of building international networks among detector dog operating authorities for swift sharing of information including canine training techniques and the latest detection trends. As a congratulatory remark, Dr.Kunio Mikuriya, Secretary General of WCO, mentioned RDTC Korea will perform the regional Hub in AP region and good network with 16 RDTCs worldwide. Mr. Askolani, Vice-chair of WCO AP, highlighted the importance of minimal disruptive manner in the tackling the illegal goods by canines. So, he appreciated for RDTC Korea in sharing best practices, profiling canine knowledges in AP region.


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