Dr. Mikuriya Secretary General promote SIEs Initiative with UN Ambassadors

29 June 2021, Bangkok Thailand by online


At the invitation of Fiji's Ambassador to the United Nations (UN), HE Mr. Satyendra Prasad, leading the UN Pacific Group, Dr. Kunio Mikuriya, WCO Secretary General have the briefing meeting of WCO Small Island Economies (SIEs) Initiative with 16 Ambassadors and Representatives to the UN of Small Island States from the Pacific region and Mr. Norikazu Kuramoto, the Head of the ROCB A/P attend the meeting held on 28 June 2021.


Dr. Mikuriya emphasized that WCO's SIEs Initiative is supporting tools for further connecting SIEs to the international supply chain with WCO instilments and tools, and in this regard, WCO decided to extend the WCO ’s Master Trainer Program (MTP), funded by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to the Pacific region. He also highlighted the benefits of WCO membership, especially its members could receive technical assistance through various WCO capacity building programs, which is expected above the annual membership fee.


Ambassadors of WCO Members showed an interest in maximizing the advantages of being part of the WCO network as well as the WCO ’s MTP for Pacific region, while Ambassadors of non-WCO Members expressed their interest in WCO membership, with the benefits far exceeding the annual membership costs. They agreed that these economies would gain the most from WCO programs, given their need for enhanced connectivity.


The meeting was coordinated by the UN Office of the High Representative for Least Developed Countries, Landlocked Developing Countries and Small Island Developing States (UN-OHRLLS), under the leadership of the UN Under-Secretary General, Ms. Fekita K.'Utoikamanu.


For more information, please write to us at rocb@rocbap.org.



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