ROCB A/P and A/P Vice-Chair confirm its close cooperation in this FY

23 Aug 2021 online

Mr. Norikazu Kuramoto, Head of the ROCB A/P, organized a meeting with WCO Asia Pacific Vice Chair (VC) Secretariat to discuss key events in AP region as well as to exchange of views about capacities building activities in this financial year. Mr IIkwon HAN & Ms Sherman YU, Program Managers, and Ms Pavida BOONMUN, Assistant Program Manager also joined the meeting.

Mr. Norikazu Kuramoto kick-started the meeting by presenting the latest update in ROCB A/P, capacities building works and the work plan in this financial year. Mr Fitra Krisdianto, Chief of Operational of WCO AP VC Secretariat welcomed the ideas proposed by ROCB A/P and shared upcoming events organized by VC. Both parties exchanged views in the hot topics and shared experience in encouraging active participation from the participants in the key events in AP region. In addition to that, both sides agreed should work hand in hand in organizing capabilities building activities as well as high-level meetings in this fiscal year.

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